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From master bathrooms to guest bathrooms, Aguilar Building Company will help you bring your dream bathroom to life. As one of the most used rooms in the house, bathrooms are a place to energize for the day ahead as well as relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Specializing in bathroom design and remodel, we have helped homeowners renovate their bathrooms for over 10 years. From first time homebuyers needing a complete bathroom remodel to homeowners looking for a modern bathroom makeover, our team of expert bathroom designers and contractors are here to help.

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Our Bathroom Remodel Process

Over the past years, Aguilar Building Company has refined and perfected kitchen design and renovation process. Our well-tested approach has been used on hundreds of kitchen remodels. It all starts with your vision.

Step 01 - Free In-home Consultation

It all starts here. One of our expert bathroom remodelers will meet with you to discuss your design vision, needs, and evaluate your bathroom space.

Step 02 - Initial Bathroom Design

With your vision in mind and an understanding of the project goals, our designer will create the initial bathroom design and layout. Our process is very collaborative and we want to make sure you are involved at every turn. During our bathroom design, we invite you to give us as much feedback as possible to ensure we are creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Step 03 - Material Selection

Now it’s time to bring the design to life and choose the materials for your new bathroom. A good bathroom design seamless ties together all the elements and we love helping you choose the perfect details.

Step 04 - Project Timeline & Schedule

Precise scheduling and organization is key. Once the design is finalized and the materials selected, we will create a detailed project schedule for your bathroom remodel. We provide an exact schedule of every step. You will know what to expect and when at every step of the way. After hundreds of bathroom renovations, we know sticking to the schedule is key.

Step 05 - Permits & Logistics

We are your complete design-build remodeling company which means we take care of every step. From securing the necessary permits to submitting all building plans to the County, our team takes care of it so you don’t have to.

Step 06 - We Get to Work

Our team of expert bathroom remodel contractors will start transforming your space. Whether it’s demolition, plumbing, or installation, we aim to minimize any disruption to your home. Our team will clean up every day so your home still feels like a home and not a construction site. Our team includes all the necessary experts from plumbers to electricians so there’s no delay. At every step, we’ll review and inspect our work to ensure your bathroom is perfect. Whether it’s making sure grout in showers and floor tiles is perfect to ensure that your bathroom stays resistant to mold and decay or paying close attention to detail when laying tile, our team knows the devil is in the details.

Step 07 - Final Inspection

We guarantee a perfectly completed bathroom which means every detail of your remodeled bathroom is scrutinized and perfected before our team is finished.

Step 08 - Unveiling

The day has come, it’s time to see your beautiful new bathroom.


We guarantee more than a perfectly finished project, but also a wonderful customer experience. As your California kitchen and bath remodel company, we are dedicated to providing the best service to our local community.We guarantee your newly completed bathroom will be durable and is the best quality. If anything comes up, we’re a phone call away.

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We have built a team of experts from bathroom designers to contractors to ensure every step of the process is perfect. From a small bathroom remodel to a full luxury master bath spa-retreat our team will help bring your bathroom remodel idea to life.

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